Selecting a partner to protect your security needs is an important decision. Guardsman personnel are well-trained with both technical and ethical skills. Our services will provide you with confidence. Whether your property or
employees. Guardsman will provide you with operational skills. So that professional disciplines are installed, our guards are trained by ex-military consultants. Guards are trained in marching, using proper salutes, and greetings we feel our guards come with a military trained mindset but use a civilian way of working that ensures complete security procedures at all times.

  • Basic Training - All security officers receive common core security officer training and training on customer. Specific requirements. After initial training, all security personnel receive refresher training on a monthly basis.
  • Customer Staff Training - Guardsman management is prepared to provide your staff with relevant training regarding participation and evaluation of fire drills, bomb threats, media relations,police response, suspicious personnel, consequence management, first aid,criminal law, vehicle parking management self-defense, traffic control, and other customer related topics.
  • Refresher Training - Monthly Refresher Training is at least four hours in length (48 hours annually) and highlight one or two common core customer specific topics.
  • Show of Force - Minimizes theft cases by hiring us. Criminals are more likely to stay away from your institution being guarded by security guards from a professional security company. Employees of an institution could also be involved in the theft of the institution's property. Security guards can be placed in strategic locations such as exits and entrance areas within the firm. Trained and experienced security guards also mean better customer service. A skilled, friendly security guard not only will help your employees feel safe, but could also be helpful with directions to exact locations within the business.


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