1. Risk assessment is a step in a risk management procedure. GPSS works in partnership with major guarding sites to develop a Security Risk Management Plan and implement Security Polices and Procedure. Risk assessments help solve problems before they arise. Accurate evaluations determine the resources you need to address and contain foreseeable risks. We then develop a suite of security services that is tailored to your unique needs and goals. Our comprehensive risk assessments include surveys and detailed, cost-appropriate plans to head off potential disasters, improving safety and security for everyone.
  2. A typical risk assessment and management includes:
    • Interview of Key Staff
    • Site Visit and Assessment
    • Site Photography and Mapping
    • Crime Statistics
    • Assess risks to better understand vulnerabilities
    • Technology Recommendations
    • Establish security policies and procedures (SOP)
    • Implement the right amount of protection
    • Measure and enforce compliance
    • Cater for your individual circumstances - eg. Building maintenance, gate duties, special events, mobile patrols, concierge, dog support services, system management, aviation security, electronic security.


  1. We have high quality services and utilize team work for building the confidence and interest of our clients through an effective human resource development program.  In addition, we strength professional private security skills and employee motivation.
  2. We are highly preferred and internationally recognized as a security service provider in Cambodia.
  3. We are a successful company in organizing, leading and affecting team work in order to raise company development.
  4. We tolerate zero mistakes and crime by using the latest security prevention measures and tactics.
  5. Our executives attend international security workshops and seminars
  6. We have strong coordination and communication between guards and management.
  7. We employ motivated and qualified guards.
  8. Our Owner/Management Team is - on call 24 hours a day/7 day a week for guards & clients.
  9. Specific site training:  We will perform a site survey at the start and put together a site security plan(post-order) with assistance from you, our client. No Guardsman guard will work at your site without a minimum of 4-8 hours of training.
  10. We pay a living wage with benefits and future performance based raise program ensures quality guard and leads to high guard retention rate.
  11. On-call Shift Supervisor: ensures the guards can reach a manager/supervisor at any moment for assistance. Our shift supervisors have abundance of hands-on security experience mostly come from Army or Police background.
  12. Site checks: Our shift supervisor not only randomly checks sites but try to spend 1-2hr with each security officer on site and watch them in-action. This method has been very successful to enhance field performance & opened new channels for communication.
  13. Guardsman management can deal with minor issues without notifying clients immediately and then update them following work day unless it requires their immediate attention.
  14. Guardsman Feedback: Our site managers work very closely with the clients to provide & receive continuous feedback.


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