Guardsman Professional Security Services Co., Ltd has its own policy for staff requirement and selection before job offering into our company:

  • Age
: 18 to 40 years
  • Education       
: High School Upward
  • Height       
: 168 cm for male and 160 cm for female
  • Police Identification
: To ensure that they had never deal any criminal act.
  • Personal Assurance
: To confirm confidence
  • Family Record Book
: To make sure their family member or permanent address.
  • Id Card
: To complete their age requirement from Labor Law.
  • GPSS Training Procedures
: Applications must attend completely a three months training courses and accept the employment only those who could pass an exam with an ongoing training process according to GPSS curriculum.
  • Experience      
: Former Military or Police employment is an advantage.
  • Educational Background
: High school

Customers of GPSS can obtain copy of any security guard station at his/hers premises at any time up-on request.


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